Art Service for UK School Trips

Art Services for UK School Trips

We are pleased to announce that we will be working with the popular website UK School Trips to promote the cabins as a great place for adventurous school children to learn and play.

As a child I remember the benefits gained and the fun had when taking a school trip, whether it be to the museum for the day or for a week long trip to the Lake District. School trips are a fantastic way for children to learn, they break down the traditional methods and put children into a relaxed atmosphere when they can absorb as much new information as they can carry. School trips place children in environments where they can learn first-hand from the stimuli around them.


The lodge with its art service facilities and the surrounding green, nature spaces offer a perfect venue for school children to study and create. The children can take advantage of the nature trails and meadows to observe British wildlife in its natural habitat; they can take advantage of time with experienced professional artists, who will encourage them to have fun as well as be creative. 

ArtActiv is so much more than an art service for UK school trips, it can also offer stories with Biscuit the Puppet for the younger ones (5-10), we have also teamed up with an experienced health professional who is available to work with youngsters.  Within 5 minutes drive there is the Eye equestrian centre where horse riding and equine assisted therapy is on offer.

In the wider surrounding area there are many sites of historic, social and natural interest these include:

  • Grimes Graves - a prehistoric flint mine.
  • Framlingham Castle - a fantastic example of a 12th century castle. 
  • Snape Maltings - an arts complex on the banks of the River Alde at Snape. It is best known for its concert hall, which is one of the main sites of the annual Aldeburgh Festival. 

Historic & pretty villages on the coast, such as AldeburghSouthwold and Orford (with its castle keep developed by Henry II in 1160), are all just 1 hour away by road. 

We hope in the future to be busy with grinning school children, happy to be enjoying the Suffolk countryside and our art service for UK school trips.